Special Projects

Wonderblimp Advertising, LLC. has the creative and technological resources to be able to develop innovative solutions for less traditional methods of achieving one’s goals within the field of advertising and marketing.
Our creative design team often takes on challenging tasks that might require some technological innovation with hardware and software in order to develop custom interactive experiences:
creative presentations at conferences or conventions, such as interactive or immersive kiosks or booths.
These projects might include designing for virtual reality, augmented reality, interactive projection environments with computer vision, 2D/3D animation, game development, or custom robotics/kinetics systems.
Reach out to our creative team via email and let us get started identifying jaw-dropping custom solutions for your special project needs. EMAIL >

Please check out some examples of advanced software development work for the web as well as robotics project that connect to digital interactive environments by Visiting this Link HERE>

  • SEE PROJECT VIDEO DOCUMENTATION HERE:https://vimeo.com/155239116 SEE VIDEO DOCUMENTATION OF Hernani Dias EXPLAINING THE MANY REFARM.THE.CITY BOARDS IN TARRAGONA HERE:https://faircompanies.com/videos/refarm-the-city-open-source-tools-for-urban-farmers/ The REFARM.THE.CITY GARDEN BOARD ’12 w/Hernani Dias is one of the many ReFarm projects that its founder Hernani Dias led. Dias invited Kazemzadeh to visit Gijon at the LABoral Centro de Arte and Creation Industrial on […]
  • SEE PROJECT VIDEO DOCUMENTATION HERE:https://vimeo.com/155289025 Gatehouse/Lighthouse (2012) is a project that used an infrared sensor to track when cars would pass by on Florida Ave NE, immediately in front of the original Gallaudet University Gatehouse, and used that information to turn on and off a light on the second floor as if to reference a […]
  • SEE PROJECT VIDEO DOCUMENTATION HERE:https://vimeo.com/34270689 Is an interactive multimedia installation that uses two custom programmed microcontrollers(mini specialized computers, with distance sensors to track viewers positions in space. Viewer position information is used to control two motors that physically draw patterns on two digital tablets. The drawn movements in effect control the movements of both figure […]
  • SEE PROJECT VIDEO DOCUMENTATION HERE:https://vimeo.com/34270663 IS.US (INTERACTIVE SPATIAL ULTRASONIC SYMPHONY (2005) is an interactive sound/kinetic installation that welcomes gallery-goers to generate an organically changing interactive sonic symphony simply by standing in or moving around in the room. Tones incrementally move from high to low as gallery-goers move closer to these pseudo-robotic pods. Is.us was first […]
  • SEE PROJECT VIDEO DOCUMENTATION HERE:https://vimeo.com/34270709 L/R I/O (aka. LEFT/RIGHT IN/OUT) (2004) uses custom sensors to generate a silent cinematic experience that attempts to redirect the viewer’s gaze back to the other viewers within the gallery space. L/R I/O heightens communal interaction through the generation of short narratives of a figure moving in and out of […]
  • SEE PROJECT VIDEO DOCUMENTATION HERE:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJpb21QRnTY Gesture coordinates is an interactive multimedia installation that captures and translates the viewers gesture, movement and position in space into an encoded iconographic feedback system. As the viewer moves closers and further from the interactive system, a physical motorized arm draws patterns on a digital tablet. These physical movements are […]
  • SEE PROJECT VIDEO DOCUMENTATION HERE:https://vimeo.com/34270833 “Passage” (2005) uses custom sensors to track the viewers movement in the space, and to use that movement to trigger one of five live video streams of the viewers inhabiting that space. As the viewer moves, he or she also calls from a collection of line drawn animations and sound, […]
  • SEE VIDEO DOCUMENTATION HERE:https://vimeo.com/852019719 Videoshop (2005) is a Photoshop hack that allows for videos to display only in the workable area of the Photoshop document. Photoshop tools and panels become strange layers of framing for the scenes which only enhance the experience. Sound remains unaffected. Like a curator, Kazemzadeh uses this glitchy framing method as […]
  • WARNING: POSSIBLY SENSITIVE CONTENT SEE VIDEO DOCUMENTATION OF EXHIBITION AT BOSTON CYBERARTS FESTIVAL HERE:https://vimeo.com/34270736 Target Audience: Point & Shoot (2003) is a piece that integrates (forgive the pun) very loaded content into an intimate gallery space to make extremely clear how scary and dangerous guns are, and that media and gaming interfaces in fact dull […]
  • SEE VIDEO DOCUMENTATION HERE:https://vimeo.com/716626108 SEE SECOND PERFORMANCE IN COLLABORATION W/ TOYBOX:https://vimeo.com/2217033 “express and local” (2004) was a hardware/software performance developed at the Medialab-Madrid in 2004 and was performed on location at the Conde Duque in Madrid, Spain as part of the AV Lab program, organized by . The Medialab_Madrid has moved to a different location […]